Successful Election BBQ

Sunday, September 18th we held a BBQ to inaugurate the new Board Members. This year, eight candidates sought out a spot on the board, many more candidates than any years past. There were three seats open for grabs. The new board members are Patrice Barritt, Bonnie Braithwaite, and Ben Contreras Jr.

Patrice Barritt has been an active member of the association for seven years. She has held the chairmen titles of Arts and Craft Chairman (2 years) & Food Booth Chairman (6 years.) Patrice is born and raised in Lompoc and has dedicated countless hours of her time to excel in her role as Chairman. The Festival would not be the same without her! When asked why Patrice would like to join the Board, she said, “Since I have been a Chairman for the past few years, I believe I could offer some insight on how to improve the Festival and bring positive change to the community.”

Bonnie Braithwaite has been a long-time member of the association and has held the positions of Board Member, Carnival Ticket Chairman, Parade Chairman, and has been a two-time Association President. Bonnie has helped with the Queen Division as well as various facets of the Festivals over the years. When asked why Bonnie wants to join the board she replied, “I would like to join the Board in order to help the community and the Association in a way that I know how to.”

Ben Contreras is a native of Lompoc and has served on the Village Country Club for the past 9 years, a proud Elks Club Member for 36 years, owner of Fort Storage and Contreras Insurance Services, and has been serving the Lompoc area for more than 40 years. He has enjoyed being a board member for the LVFA for three years, Entertainment Committee for seven years, as well as Entertainment Chairman for four years. Ben said, of being asked to serve as Entertainment Chair for 2017, “I hope everyone has been happy with the entertainment lineup for the past four years. I will have additional time to devote to the LVFA and would be privileged to have your vote for the board!”

These people will serve on the board until the year September,2019. We are so happy to have them on board!



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