Queen Candidate Application Available Now!

Attention Queen Candidate prospects!

The application to apply to be a queen candidate is in the link below. Please read through the paperwork thoroughly before signing and submitting.

The deadline for all applications is Friday,  January 13th at 3pm.

Please mail or deliver to: 414 West Ocean Ave. or to lompocvalle1@verizon.net It can also be faxed to (805) 735 – 9228.

Thank you!

Application & Rules


Queen Candidate Fundraiser

Tip-a-Queen for Toms 2016-page-001

This is a reminder of the Tip-a-Queen tomorrow at Tom’s Burger.

Let’s help these girls get qualified and have a tasty burger along the way!

Fun February

Food Booth Meeting

There will be a food booth meeting on February 24, 2016 in the festival office. All organizations that are planning to participate in the Spring Arts and/or Flower Festival need to send a representative. If you know anyone who is planning to have a food booth, please encourage them to attend the meeting.

Lompoc Chamber Mixer

The Lompoc Festival Association will be hosting the Lompoc Chamber mixer on February 9th from 6 – 8pm. All members are welcome to attend. We are asking for our members to bring food or drinks for the potluck. Come out and represent our organization with pride!

2016 Flower Festival Queen Candidates

This year’s Queen Mom is Anita Cordero Barato. Anita along with her co-chair, Janet Russell, will be working with our 5 Queen Candidates to prepare for the Queen’s Coronation Ball. This year’s candidates are: Aleaha Wheeler sponsored by Hispanic Business Committee, Azhane Griggs sponsored by the Kiwanis Auxiliary, Cierra Green sponsored by the Kiwanis, Jordan Weigel sponsored by the EDA City of Lompoc, and Zoe Burritt sponsored by the American Legion Post 211. You can meet all of our candidates at the Chamber Mixer.

From the desk of: Anita, Queen Division Chairman

Our 2016 Queen Candidate Division has begun and our 5 Candidates started it off with walking in the Christmas Parade along with the 2015 Queen and Court. It was a great time for all. The girls have started with their weekly meetings and recently had their first photo shoot which included something a little different centered on our 2016 theme, All That Jazz. Publicity will be starting in the next month including button sales, posters, and Queen Ticket sales. The 2016 Candidates will be introducing themselves at the upcoming Chamber Mixer. Meanwhile, they will be organizing fundraisers with their sponsoring organizations and preparing for the 2016 Premiere. This Premiere will be a fun and entertaining event.

-Anita Cordero Baratto